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PetMyPal is a pet health and safety company. “Wait, what?, Aren’t there quite a few out there?.” Yes, you are right, there are quite a few “out there” as you put it succinctly. But the problem is that all the pet health services (medical, wellbeing, insurance, food etc.) are really fragmented and they are not designed to cater to your pet’s unique requirement. And, what about pet safety and security. Add a few more vendors to the list. That is, for each of your pet’s health and safe, you have to deal with multiple vendors who may or may not talk to each other to understand your pet’s unique requirements.

PetMyPal’s vision is to unify all the major pet health and safety needs under one umbrella. With this in mind, we are currently developing 4 different domains as follows:

  1. Pet health information hub: Designed for “DIY” and “look before you leap” pet parents, this function is built based on social media principles. Aspects of this are already operational and more will be added in the future.
  2. Vet connection: We are building several ways to connect with Vets including telehealth, mobile Vet, a data base of Vets etc.
  3. Pet safety and protection: We are developing capabilities to prevent pets from getting lost and should they be lost to locate them quickly. We are also developing a health monitor for pets.
  4. Pet health food: Healthy food is very important for pets to maintain their health. Over time, we will be offering health food that pet parents can purchase.